What is a Lash Lift?

Everything you wanted to know about lash lifts and more!
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Everything you wanted to know about lash lifts and more!

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes.
Like old-school perms from the ’80s, lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. A lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, so a nice shape upward and a realistic curl.

Are lash lifts permanent?

On average, a good lash lift should last you anywhere between six to eight weeks. Having said that, it’s also important to note that its longevity depends on the amount of care you take in preserving them and ensuring you maximise the time.

Try to avoid using any oil-based makeup when you’ve had a lash lift, because the oil can disrupt the solution and make it harder to stick. At the same time, using waterproof mascara can be an issue because it often needs to be removed with oil-based makeup remover.

Is it better to get a lash lift or lash extensions?

If you’re tossing up between lash lifts and lash extensions, there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, the level of upkeep for both procedures differs quite a lot. If you’re willing to be a lot more delicate with your lashes, brush them daily, avoid water and basically treat them like they’re made of glass, then lash extensions are for you. Don’t expect them to have as little upkeep as hair extensions do, because these are more delicate.

If you’re more keen on a “just rolled out of bed with sky-high lashes but also want to go for a dunk in the pool” kind of situation, lash lifts are way more practical for you.

Lash extensions are always going to give a much more dramatic look than a lash lift can, because it’s adding volume as well as height and curl. However, they also can damage your lashes if you’re not careful to maintain them well, so it’s a big commitment to start getting them.

Lash lifts won’t give you the voluminous effect unless you already have plenty of lashes, but you can always use individual falsies if you’re determined just for an event.

What is a lash lift and how does it work?

All you need to do is lie back and relax as your lash artist applies silicon pads to protect the skin of your eyelids and then applies a solution and tint on your lashes to make them reach sky-high.

The principle is similar to that of a perm for your eyelashes, training them to curl upwards instead of sitting straight.

Are lash lifts painful or bad for your lashes?

Lash lifts are actually a very soothing experience with minimal (to no) discomfort. If you’ve got sensitive eyes or you don’t like people coming close to them, there’s only one part that may have you cringing.

Before the solution is applied, the lash artist will need to position two silicon pads on top of your lower lash line to keep your lower lashes out of the solution. Rest assured, it’s only a few seconds of discomfort and it saves you a lot of grief from the possibility of your lower lashes curling upwards too.

Apart from that, the remainder of the treatment is very relaxing and you can keep your eyes closed the entire time. The only thing you’re in danger of is falling asleep – and it’s very tempting!

The solution used can even help strengthen your lashes and reinforce them with keratin or similar nutrients.